FIFA 15 turns on strategy and team orders

This year more than ever we must synchronize well the offense fut 15 coins and the defense of our team to take to get the glory on the pitch. Do you accept the challenge?

EA Sports has posted on its website the renewed management system formations and tactics that will bring fifa 15 coins this year FIFA 15 will allow us to what we have always set but more simply. Each year the menus had become more difficult to treat and the design had become very monotonous. Now with a redesign seems expedite this process in all game modes.

At the end of these lines you can see some images that will appreciate the new system, which keeps everything in one place. So far the creation of training was somewhat disorganized, but in this new menu, it seems that the task to create, save and apply these tactics appears in a more orderly fashion.

“FIFA 15 gives you a new way of managing the training and tactics of the team in all modes of play,” says EA Sports. “You can customize up to six per club team formations and alter its strategy on your next opponent.’ll Have your favorite team playing the way you want to do it.”

Judging by all the (cosmetic) changes you might say that Fifa 15 is a completely different game than Fifa 14, but that’s all right. Anyway, for the first time live in the stadiums atmosphere, and yes, the football looks this time a lot faster and smoother; that does not mean all the old problems have been corrected. Still many players have a plastic face and during our play sessions tripped the keeper no less than twice over the ball. It is therefore the extent to which there has been substantial improvement, because many aspects we have inadequately or not to test.

Fifa 14 has taught us, therefore, keep a stick because that game was flawed in many ways a sequel. The lack of local two-player modes in the next-gen version, some gameplay-destroying bugs (with the through ball from the kick off and literally nadir), the even slower UI (and many cheaters within) the Ultimate Team mode it is hoped that Fifa 15 indeed at all levels is an improvement. With flair alone do not win matches, especially now that the competition has greatly improved.

These settings apply to Team Race Day Party (Kick-Off), and Online Friendlies Tournament mode. It seems that in FIFA 15 different attack and defense guidelines that orders players to be vital field during games.

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WildStar Seems Like World of Warcraft Actually Vast Difference (3)

WildStar is Carbine studio debut, development time more than 5 years, now meet with the players. Story takes place in a game called the Nexus of the other planets, once inhabited by a race called Eldan super civilization. As a declining but has high-tech civilization heritage of the planet has attracted all the adventurers to the exploration of the universe. Games provide “exile” and “dominion” two opposing camps, as well as the eight race and six kinds of career. And game maker want this new game can strive for loss of customers from World of Warcraft with new game content and wildstar gold.

Equipment system similar to Diablo: random Mosaic rune. WildStar gear learned Diablo online mode, although the same equipment on the attribute values are the same, but in the number of rune socket able with color is completely random, there is no props can change the hole of the game, so the player at the end of the forest can also keep the pursuit of the ultimate equipment. Equipment production units in the game are a science fiction style; the pursuit of all sorts of appearance is a big power of wildstar.

Iron triangle in action elements: a copy of the big difficulty to request. A copy of the said into the desert planet system, the feeling of everybody is difficult, the fun of it. Don’t know the old play warcraft players remember in the ’60 s classic copy, that’s a strange DORA, and more so in the wildstar, even a little reaction tank slowly seconds off outright. So you players may need to be caution in the fight as well as the process to earn gw2 gold.

On the interactive wilderness planet fully show the advantage of the action game, fighting often need team stepped a match situation, is not the traditional tanks hold, transfusion add blood.


FIFA 15 Capabilities Replays That Emulate Real-World Goal-Line Tech

The next entry inside the FIFA series will include new replays that emulate the goal-line technologies lately implemented inside the Globe Cup.


Sometimes, fifa coinsa goalie will slap a soccer ball away from the goal line in the final attainable moment. In these situations, it is frequently difficult to tell in the event the ball crossed the line or not. Soccer teams across the world have begun implementing “goal-line technology” to eradicate this uncertainty and make far more precise replays.


Now, Electronic Arts is bringing this same presentation to its newest soccer game, FIFA 15. Developer EA Sports is fifa coins onlineattempting to produce even virtual objectives impossible to doubt, so it has made a replay program for FIFA 15 that looks identical to real-world goal-line tech. “Goal Decision Method will leave no query as to no matter if or not the ball crossed the line,” a press release states. “Replay animations will emulate Television broadcasts playing immediately after close calls and goal line clearances.”


This comes as a part of a larger cope with the Barclays Premier League, by far the most competitive soccer league in Terrific Britain. EA and also the Premier League are attempting to make essentially the most realistic representation from the league’s teams and stadiums as you possibly can. This contains three-dimensional head scans of 200 Premier League players, broadcast graphics identical to television broadcasts, audio of fans and crowds taken from real-life games, fifa 15 coinsand each Premier League stadium modeled for the game.


EA Sports has created it clear that it truly is striving for realism with FIFA 15. In recent weeks, it has revealed that shirt-pulling and player-specific movements are coming to the game, in addition to visible breathing and hair movement. But if you want to play as Brazilian clubs, you happen to be out of luck: EA Sports could not secure adequate player licenses to consist of some teams.


FIFA 15 launches September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK. What do you consider all these improvements? Let us know in the comments.

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FUT Coupe du monde 2014 XI

Avec la finale Coupe du Monde remporté par l’Allemagne 1-0 contre l’Argentine (après prolongations), nous avons mis en place un XI Coupe du monde composé de joueurs qui ont accompli le meilleur tout au long du tournoi. Nous analyserons et justifier pourquoi nous avons choisi chaque joueur.

S’il vous plaît noter: Cette XI Coupe du Monde ne doit pas être utilisé à des fins FUT 14 d’investissement. Comme le battage médiatique de la Coupe du Monde tombe, les occasions d’investir et de faire des pièces de monnaie Xbox FUT, pièces Playstation FIFA ou PC pièces seront écoulées.

Neuer: Jouer un Gardien / Sweeper, Neuer était essentielle au succès de l’Allemagne. Chaque fois que la défense de l’Allemagne a fait une erreur rare, Neuer a toujours été conscient du danger et les a sauvés à quelques reprises. Certains diront qu’il joue beaucoup trop élevé pour un gardien, mais il était évident qu’il fait a aidé l’Allemagne à gagner la Coupe du Monde.

Lahm: Un joueur qui fait habituellement jamais une erreur, fut coins Lahm a été envoyée dans le centre ainsi que le droit de retour, montrant sa polyvalence et billes à jouer les compétences. Il a terminé avec 2 passes en fait un test difficile pour n’importe quel joueur face gauche aux deux extrémités de la hauteur.

Hummels: Un joueur clé pour coups de pied arrêtés et éponger la défense. Cela a montré avec 2 buts de la tête, qui lui a valu haut score défenseur commune.

Boateng: Cette Coupe du monde Boateng fait plaqués clés et importants surtout vers les derniers stades de la compétition. En plus de cela dans la plupart des jeux, il était l’un des meilleurs joueurs de l’Allemagne montrant sa cohérence.

Aveugles: Un joueur qui a été dépêché Milieu gauche ainsi que arrière gauche,fut crédit terminant avec 3 passes et 2 joint montrant son potentiel offensif. Certes, il ya eu des erreurs rares mais avec un dos 3/5 personnes ont été rapidement corrigées.

Kroos: Il a gardé les choses tournent au ralenti au milieu de terrain pour l’Allemagne et a été un acteur central clé de leur équipe. La distribution de sa balle était excellent tout au long du tournoi.

Mascherano: Mascherano était probablement le joueur le plus vital pour une équipe à ce tournoi! Son attitude cheval de bataille tout au long du tournoi se solidifie sa place dans notre Coupe du Monde XI. Faire plaqués économie de but, et avec l’aide de talent offensif de Messi, il a porté l’Argentine à la finale!

Messi: Être le 3e meilleur buteur commune, et le gagnant du Ballon fifa 15 coins d’Or (beaucoup senti Rodriguez ou Robben méritaient ce), Messi a été reconnue pour la mise en Argentine pour la finale. De la phase de groupes à la finale, il est venu avec les objectifs clés en cas de besoin le plus.

Robben: avoir 30 ans, il est assez stupéfiant de voir le sprint jusqu’à la ligne de la 1ère minute à la 120e Chaque fois qu’il touchait la balle, il avait l’air dangereux ainsi que de gagner de nombreux coups de pied arrêtés (et à une certaine vitesse!).

Rodriguez: Être le meilleur buteur de cette Coupe du monde avec 6 buts (à l’âge de 22 ans, tournant 23 hier), il a considérablement son déjà très cher étiquette de prix! Rodriguez est resté composé des sanctions importantes et réalisé Colombie pour les quarts de finale, avec une sortie dure au Brésil.

Muller: Muller a toujours obtenu les buts pour l’Allemagne en utilisant son excellent service, gagner de gros jeux et en prenant l’Allemagne tout fifa 15 crédits le chemin. Vous ne pouvez pas discuter avec ses prouesses marquer des buts!

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