What Do You think about the Muller is still Germany Mr. key ?

“Muller is really be above! Again to save the German team “” kicker “after the game against Germany be profuse in praise of heroes. You might want to fut 15 coins,and now you can buy fifa 15 coins from our online store that offers the lowest price .Indeed, Muller plum to open two degrees to help Germany a 2-1 win over Scotland, he was the team’s hero, as Germany’s European Championship qualifiers made a good start, but also defending world champion dignity.

Loew before the game one one lists a number of famous Scotland, he thinks it will be a tough game. The game process is just as Loew said, the first half of the German team process is smooth, the German press in Scotland in the play, and Muller scored 1 goals in the lead, but the second half was a sudden change in the situation, after the Scotland to strengthen the attack, the German defense Its loopholes appeared one after another. together, Scotland once in the second half equaliser, but the German team and Muller, once again he goals to help the team to stabilize the situation.

After Keluoze retired from the national team, there may be many people worry about the German attack be weak. Although Muller is not the true sense of the striker, but his efficiency can be said is not a striker than any difference, and repeatedly injured in the status of the average Mcgos, Royce circumstances, can be said that Muller became the German national team can only rely on the striker, and he was always so stable, always so positive, basically plays very few disorders, he is a bit of the German national team striker most stable.

Before a reporter asked the German news spokesman Bierhoff who took Keluoze’s gun, the former German International did not hesitate to say Thomas Muller’s name. In fact, Muller’s success is absolutely not accidental, he recently said in an interview with the media said that: “I have always had the sense of hardship, in football fifa 15 coins is a law of the jungle and small society, once you relaxed, your position will be replaced, no one is irreplaceable. In my opinion, I keep worrying, this just let me become more and more strong, continuous improvement.”I said strongly denied the rumors, hope so far.

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FIFA 15 turns on strategy and team orders

This year more than ever we must synchronize well the offense fut 15 coins and the defense of our team to take to get the glory on the pitch. Do you accept the challenge?

EA Sports has posted on its website the renewed management system formations and tactics that will bring fifa 15 coins this year FIFA 15 will allow us to what we have always set but more simply. Each year the menus had become more difficult to treat and the design had become very monotonous. Now with a redesign seems expedite this process in all game modes.

At the end of these lines you can see some images that will appreciate the new system, which keeps everything in one place. So far the creation of training was somewhat disorganized, but in this new menu, it seems that the task to create, save and apply these tactics appears in a more orderly fashion.

“FIFA 15 gives you a new way of managing the training and tactics of the team in all modes of play,” says EA Sports. “You can customize up to six per club team formations and alter its strategy on your next opponent.’ll Have your favorite team playing the way you want to do it.”

Judging by all the (cosmetic) changes you might say that Fifa 15 is a completely different game than Fifa 14, but that’s all right. Anyway, for the first time live in the stadiums atmosphere, and yes, the football looks this time a lot faster and smoother; that does not mean all the old problems have been corrected. Still many players have a plastic face and during our play sessions tripped the keeper no less than twice over the ball. It is therefore the extent to which there has been substantial improvement, because many aspects we have inadequately or not to test.

Fifa 14 has taught us, therefore, keep a stick because that game was flawed in many ways a sequel. The lack of local two-player modes in the next-gen version, some gameplay-destroying bugs (with the through ball from the kick off and literally nadir), the even slower UI (and many cheaters within) the Ultimate Team mode it is hoped that Fifa 15 indeed at all levels is an improvement. With flair alone do not win matches, especially now that the competition has greatly improved.

These settings apply to Team Race Day Party (Kick-Off), and Online Friendlies Tournament mode. It seems that in FIFA 15 different attack and defense guidelines that orders players to be vital field during games.

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WildStar Seems Like World of Warcraft Actually Vast Difference (3)

WildStar is Carbine studio debut, development time more than 5 years, now meet with the players. Story takes place in a game called the Nexus of the other planets, once inhabited by a race called Eldan super civilization. As a declining but has high-tech civilization heritage of the planet has attracted all the adventurers to the exploration of the universe. Games provide “exile” and “dominion” two opposing camps, as well as the eight race and six kinds of career. And game maker want this new game can strive for loss of customers from World of Warcraft with new game content and wildstar gold.

Equipment system similar to Diablo: random Mosaic rune. WildStar gear learned Diablo online mode, although the same equipment on the attribute values are the same, but in the number of rune socket able with color is completely random, there is no props can change the hole of the game, so the player at the end of the forest can also keep the pursuit of the ultimate equipment. Equipment production units in the game are a science fiction style; the pursuit of all sorts of appearance is a big power of wildstar.

Iron triangle in action elements: a copy of the big difficulty to request. A copy of the said into the desert planet system, the feeling of everybody is difficult, the fun of it. Don’t know the old play warcraft players remember in the ’60 s classic copy, that’s a strange DORA, and more so in the wildstar, even a little reaction tank slowly seconds off outright. So you players may need to be caution in the fight as well as the process to earn gw2 gold.

On the interactive wilderness planet fully show the advantage of the action game, fighting often need team stepped a match situation, is not the traditional tanks hold, transfusion add blood.


FIFA 15PC configuration: Minimum four nuclear recognize only DX11

The league and the players really have many fifa 15 coins licensed FIFA 15 is necessary on sale at 23 this month, covering the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platform.

Today, EA Sports announced a PC version of fifa 15 coins the game hardware configuration requirements. Perhaps using the same host Ignite engine version, players want to run smoothly FIFA 15 should prepare at least one station has a quad-core processor PC, and the graphics card must support DX11, also has 4GB of memory.

Since DX11 has become the standard, so do not think of Windows XP is not supported!

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: 64-bit Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 or AMD Phenom X4 9750, AMD Athlon II X4 620;

Memory: 4GB

Graphics Card: DirectX 11, AMD Radeon HD 5770 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX650

Hard Disk Space: 13GB

Recommended requirements:

Operating system: 64-bit Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1

Processor: Intel i5-2550K or AMD FX-6350

Memory: 8GB

Graphics Card: DirectX 11, AMD Radeon HD 6870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX460

Hard Disk Space: 13GB

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ultimate team coins fifa 15 investigation and the Apple

ultimate team coins fifa 15 Federal Bureau of investigation and the Apple Corp 1 emergency Hollywood “door” incident.
Reportedly, the hacker uses Apple Corp ultimate team coins fifa 15 cloud storage bugs get these photos, the victims included actress Oscar Jennifer Lawrence, model Kate Upton and several other actress. In this regard, Apple Corp spokesman Natalie ultimate team coins fifa 15 said: “we are serious about user privacy,ultimate team coins fifa 15 are actively investigating the report content.”
“Yan ultimate team coins fifa 15 door” incident triggered more showbiz star dissatisfaction, some people claim that will take legal means to behind.
“The Losangeles times” reported, the Federal Bureau of investigation has also sent personnel to participate in the survey. ultimate team coins fifa 15 spokesman said on the matter: “ultimate team coins fifa 15 aware of the incident involving the illegal invasion computer, illegal private information published charges celebrities, at present has been carried out investigation work cheap fifa 15 coin.” If the authorities finally found the hackers, then he will face years of life in prison. In 2012 a man attacked ultimate team coins fifa 15 Johansson and other female star of the mailbox, acquisition and published these star yanzhao, he was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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